Isabel works with the quilted material on her hip pants. 


Lauren styles with psychedelic pants and many accessories. 


Abby starts out the year with a bang. 

Carly, Erin, Olivia

These ladies rock this year’s latest trend, flowy shorts. 

Welcome Back!

After a summer filled with relaxation and play, the Hotchkiss Lookbook is officially back to do our thing. We cannot wait for another stylish year. See you all in the halls!

Keep it Classy,

The Lookbook

can students bring there own pets to live in the dorms with them

If you have a pet it must stay in its cage/tank at all times and you must have it approved by your dorm faculty. The most common pets are fish.

Also, I would love to see more of Fiona, Durand, Cahleb, and Katie! You guys rock!

We’ll keep that in mind!

Does it matter for guys... Bowtie or tie?

You can wear whichever you’d like!