Also, I would love to see more of Fiona, Durand, Cahleb, and Katie! You guys rock!

We’ll keep that in mind!

Does it matter for guys... Bowtie or tie?

You can wear whichever you’d like!

Can you wear hats?

Not during the school day or in the dining hall, but otherwise you can.

What kind of shoes are we allowed to wear? I'm planning on going to Hotchkiss next year. thanks

You can wear any shoes you’d like except for plastic flip flops (ie Havaianas). You can, however, wear leather flip flops such as Rainbows (which are also sold in the Hotchkiss book store).

Are you allowed to wear jeans?

No, but some people do get away with colored/patterned/white jeans.

How do most students do their laundry?

Some students send their laundry out to E&R, which is the laundry service at school (laundry is sent out on Thursdays, and is returned and can be picked up Monday-Wednesday). Other students use the laundry machines located in the basement of the dorms (one load costs $1.50).

hi guys! i'm an incoming prep and i have a quick question: all the outfits shown are acceptable to wear during school hours, right?


Hi guys! Love your blog! I'm applying this year, and I was wondering if nose studs are allowed. Nothing flashy, just a little silver hoop or stud. Thanks!

Yes, they are. I have one!

Happy Summer!

We’ve had a wonderful year full, and now it’s time to enjoy the summer. The Lookbook wishes both Hotchkiss and all of our followers a stylish and fashionable summer.

Until Next Year, 

The Lookbook

P.S. Stay classy!

Martin and Jack 

These two guys match with spring colors, cardigans, and polished accessories

What is reading day?

It’s a day right before exam week that almost everyone uses to study.

Hotchkiss Film Festival 2014
If you want to see more from the festival, click the picture!

Hotchkiss Film Festival 2014

If you want to see more from the festival, click the picture!